Masters tales

My Current Project

Just the one? Not me! I have a slight commitment problem so I have a couple of projects on the go, but the main two are –

  1. Echoes – this is a series of children’s books written for ages 9 and over. It tells of a girl called Crystal who is thrown away by her parents. She goes to live with her grandparents and finds out that she is a time guardian. It is a mix of fantasy and history.
  2. The Dissertation – ‘A Terrible Beauty’. This is a novel for adults about a female serial killer. Except it is also a romance and a classic crime story of a chase between Ash (the killer) and the police.

I’m using the two to keep me going, when the novel gets too heavy with research and literary language I quickly swap to the children’s book which is full of action and dialogue. It’s kind of odd writing the two at the same time, but the characters of both books are screaming just as loud as each other. I know that makes me sound weird but the characters always tell me what they want to do or see. I just report what they say.

I will keep you posted on how the two are coming along, but so far they are both in the early stages. 🙂

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