What motivates me…

Every morning I jump out of bed and run to the computer. It goes on before I’m washed and I immediately start typing…. At least that is what happens on the good days. Mostly though I am only able to write after I have finished with work. Except I do allow myself one blog post in the morning. Think of it as a writing fix.

I work for myself and if I wasn’t disciplined then I would spend all my time writing and not making toys (the job). And I think that this motivates me massively. Because I can’t write, I want to write – all the time.

It’s the stories as well. The characters tell me what they are doing, what they want to do and how the next scene will be set. They wander through my brain as I work – picking up plot lines and slightly altering them. Basically I can get a little weird and distracted if I don’t write.

Then there is my eye – I have a weak eye and it is getting worse. When I write it doesn’t hurt. I have the text at 150% and there is no strain at all. But when I am sewing I am hurting my eye, a whole day can leave me with what feels like a toothache in my eye-socket. So I split my day and in the morning I sew and in the afternoon I write.

So my motivation comes from the fact that:

  • I can’t all the time,
  • because it doesn’t hurt
  • to stop the voices in my head yelling too loudly.

Well, they do say that writers are strange creatures that are just a slightly bit mad.  🙂

One last thing that I think has to come into everyone’s mind as they type away – money. Writing doesn’t give a vast amount and if you don’t hit the top 100 books in the world, then it doesn’t pay particularly well, but if the writing pays me a bit I can cut down on the sewing and maybe, in the future, stop it. That is my dream to be a full-time writer. And it is a dream I am determined to get. I think determination and motivation are cut from the same cloth – they both keep me going.

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