Logline 14 – Cattery

Difficult. I thought maybe a “Black Marble” with cats but in the end I decided to make up this one. It is the true(ish) story that I put together after a kitten was dumped in our veg patch.

smoke cat


The people all stand and look down at the cat. She has a collection of kittens. All of them are perfect little red Bengal kittens, except one. On this kitten the black tip to the tail is missing, instead it is white.

“You know we took a risk,” one says.

The other sneers and plucks the tiny four week old kitten from the mother. The mother cat watches it go, knowing she will never see the baby again. The owners of the breeding cattery have bred their pedigree cat with a ginger tom in order to get the unusual red colour but this cat is not needed. Handing it to the newest employee, a young man of seventeen, the owner says, “Get rid of it.”

“How?” asks the young man.

The owner just drags a grime ridden finger across his throat. The young man looks at the kitten, it appears to be a normal ginger tom, and then goes to his car. He pops the kitten inside.

On the way home he throws the kitten out.


Pi, a four week old ginger kitten, doesn’t understand but he is taken from his mother and thrown from a speeding car. He must find a home before he becomes a meal for a fox. If only he could trust people.

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