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Screenwriting 4

Well, it turns out that screenwriting is far harder than I would have thought. It’s not what you put in but rather what you leave out. I’ve written a scene where a woman is abused by her husband (nasty I know but he does die in scene four).

Anyway, she is being beaten… Do I show it? Or more importantly, can I write it?

Turns out I couldn’t. In fact, I didn’t even try, there was no point. Such a dramatic, emotional and action led scene wouldn’t have worked with my ham-fisted attempt. Nor did I think I could do it justice. So I didn`t. Instead I closed the door – literally. I left the camera outside and introduced the son. I kept it trained on his face while the audience only heard the noise of what was occuring in the bathroom. The result was effective and worked.

Then I did a boo-boo. I let the husband leave while the wife remained on the floor of the bathroom. Not that the audience knows that. Instead they hear movement and a hand clutches at the door.

At this point my support worker was in stitches – I’d written a hammer horror, even down to the bloody claw like hand… So I went back to the drawing board.

Now the audience sees only a blood smeared hand on a white tile. I think it may still be reminiscent of those hammer films, but it works better.

Then, again, I made another mistake… I followed this scene with the discovery of a body. My lecturer noted this and said, “No! Too much tension.”

So I’ve had to do some fill in scenes. And it has worked. Honestly the script is so much better that I’m over the moon.

Wish me luck with the next section…

And I’ve got to decide what genre it is… mystery, crime, romance, comedy… Where exactly are my characters going?

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