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Illness and words a day

Okay so I’ve been ill. Really ill. Don’t get me wrong, nothing life-threatening but enough to knock me off my feet and into bed over the weekend. Which is why there have been no posts. If I had written anything it may well have not made much sense.

BUT I didn’t stop thinking about the stories I ought to have written or could be writing. In fact I think it has been one of the most frustrating weekends of my life… To have a story and not be able to do anything about it.

I’m still not right but the plan is that I will post as much as I can to catch up with words a day. The words I’ve missed are:

  • box
  • map
  • elope

And I plan on putting these stories in amongst the others. I will pick up later today (or tomorrow) with the story for that day and then interspace the others so that I post the right number of stories – they just won’t be in the right order.

Sorry for the silence but I will be back on form in no time. 🙂

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