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Assignments and Dissertation Ideas

Does time really pass this quickly? The answer is of course yes, especially when you are having a bit of fun. But I still can’t believe that I’m thinking about dissertation ideas…

My course doesn’t officially begin lectures again until the 7th of February, which is great as my assignments need to be in on the 28th of January. Mind you it is getting tight for time.

My training on getting the computer to recognise my voice is working, but she (my computer is a girl) has only had one lesson which means I get mistakes like:

Eyeblink = I blink

– = dash

will stop = full stop

Well you get the idea. Even with the mistakes though I’ve found it much quicker, which means I won’t need to use the extension the dyslexia has let the officials provide. Big sigh of relief as any extension means you miss the first assignments of the new term.

The snow has been a bit annoying but it has made me concentrate on just the writing. No post office means no fabric which means no toy making… Luckily I am still within all my toy deadlines so everything should be okay, as long as the snow stays away! And I’ve been able to finish three-quarters of the assignments. 🙂

I’ve also started thinking about dissertation ideas… I’ve been doing the words a day challenge and some themes and characters have come out of the story. I really like the horror/thriller theme in ‘The Phantom Horse‘ and I love the character I wrote – Martin – in ‘Cargo‘, so I’m hoping to combine the two into a story. But I think Martin will be a minor character… or perhaps a detective. I’m hoping to write about a horror/thriller/murder… But the idea is still embryonic.

Wish me luck with the assignments. 🙂

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