Masters tales

It’s Christmas!

Well almost. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I am sitting in front of the Christmas tree and trying to ignore the Christmas special on the telly. Enough ‘Christmas’s’? I think so.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a bar-humbug type of person but I do hate the commercialism of it all. My gifts this year are mostly made… Although as I look at my dad’s jumper, which only has a back and a quarter of the front, I’m not sure I’m going to get it finished in time. Luckily he is an understanding type of person and won’t mind getting it a week or two late.

So I just thought I’d say Merry Christmas! May your days be full of family and food. And of course writing…! I’m working on the final drafts for coursework as the deadline is the end of January.

Actually I’m finding it harder than I thought. The computer equipment and everything came through on the last day of term. So I can produce the work much faster than I was before ,but I’m having terrible trouble getting motivated. There is just so much! I keep thinking that I ought to break it down into small chunks but even that’s not working. Still I’m going to continue to plug at it. At some point I will be go past the half way point.

Have a great Christmas. 🙂


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