Masters tales

How I get new ideas…

Lately I’ve been asked how I get ideas for stories, so I actually sat down and thought about it… I drew a blank. I don’t know – they just happen. So I thought instead of trying to explain I’d just tell you how I got one idea.

I saw an ant.

Just the one but it made me think of the garden in the house we lived in during the 1980’s. In the back was a huge greenhouse and on one side was a red ant nest, on the other a black ant nest. They often fought.

The Romans also fought a bit like ants – all together like a hive mind (with me so far?). I saw Gladiator a little while ago. The hero’s name sounded like Glutinous Maximus.

Glutinous Maximus is the largest muscle in your backside. The hero played by Russel Crowe saved a country but lost his life.

The ants lost their lives when mum poured boiling water into the cracks they crawled out of.

10, 000 years ago there was an ice dam across the USA and the central part was an inland sea. It broke and flooded.

People at the time were living in the english channel which was a lush delta.

Archaeological evidence shows people literally abandoned their homes and ran…


The story is…

About 10, 000 years ago a man called Butt is part of a tribe on a river delta when the valley they live in starts to flood. He has to organise the whole tribe to leave as the water continues its relentless crawl toward their locations and beyond.

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