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Poetry that I can actually manage!

31st October 2012

It was Halloween and the spooks were out! Actually all that happened was that we had to close the window as the students going to the union party got a little loud. My lectures are held in the afternoon and evening, which does make for a dark walk back to the car but I find it peaceful.

So this post is late… Sorry. I got overwhelmed with toys (being a toymaker) and essays and found that I couldn’t do everything… Oops!

What did we study on the 31st? well it had to be freeform poetry and, here’s the surprise, I think I can actually manage it. It was a shock, especially after the disaster that was the sonnet.

Except is poetry really poetry when it doesn’t rhyme? I think so but sometimes I am uncertain. I have also found a love – narrative and epic poetry. Wow! And I really do mean wow! It’s just like a story with a very strong narrative but told through images and clever dialogue. Actually I find it hard to explain so rather than put a load of links to other poets I thought I’d just post something I’ve done myself. Now, it is just one stanza as I don’t want to inhibit myself putting it into a competition but here goes…

You have never seen darkness

until you have spent the night on a small boat

in the middle of the sea.

The water is inky black

and moves sinuously like a snake

caught under a sheet of midnight.

White peaks contrast to the blackness of the water.

My version of a narrative poem and I loved writing it. And for once the dyslexia did not get in the way. I mean, sure, I had to do a spell check and the poetry is a little wordy but once I have got another draft done I’m sure it will ne fine. So this is a huge thank you to Menna for showing me just how good poetry really is.

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