Dyslexic tales

The miracle of ‘bad’

When I was a child (I’m disturbed that I am now old enough to write that sentence) and even now, I could never get my b and d round the right way, or is it d and b?

Confusion reigned and I just could not get it. Now whether this trick is something I taught myself or I was shown I just don’t know but it enabled me overnight to get whichway the two horrible letters went. And the miracle is – (drum roll) – bad.

It has to be written in lowercase and if you pop it on the top of any work or on a post-it note near your desk you can always check. You see bad is easy to spell and has a certain ‘look’, if you remember it as a picture then you will never get them muddled again.

In the word bad the b and d always look at each other, if you handwrite it any other way it just doesn’t look ‘right’..

dab dad bab… etc

It has to be bad. So use it as a crib sheet… Stuck? then a quick doodle in the corner of a page and voila – no more problems.

The miracle of ‘bad’. 🙂

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