Masters tales

The weekend just gone…

I’d like to say that it went well. But the reality is that I was ill. I suppose I could have pushed myself but the last time I did that it had resulted in doctors and antibiotics. So when I started to come down with a real nasty head cold I stopped and relaxed.

Now I’m writing  I must admit that it sounds self indulgent but at the time I was just sitting there with tissues and hot drinks feeling sorry for myself. But oddly that worked. There will be no trips to the doctors and today I have managed to get out and do the shopping. And, as you can see, I’m writing. My head isn’t in the right place for me to get the book out, but blogging I can do.

So the lesson I’ve learnt is to stop when the world throws you a lemon. In fact sit down with some lemonade and put your feet up. I think this has been the first cold that I’ve been able to stop morphing into an infection. Pretty good.That’s why I have been quiet this weekend.

I’ll be back to my chatty self soon enough.


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