It’s finished!

Yep… Last night I put the final pencil mark onto the drawing and reached for the new can of fixative.

I didn’t read the warning label.

I should have…

The drawing is fine but I managed to gas myself and get a headache. So today I have put another layer of this new spray that acts like a varnish and I did it outside… Much better idea. Especially as I like the smell.

But before I gave it the final blast I had to cut it out… Nerve wracking…


And I know at this point I look like I’ve gone mad. To be honest I thought I had as well. Then I started to fold… Yes, I scored the lines first.


So that this is the finished front. But turn it slightly and…


You can see that the drawing goes around the canvas. Hopefully Imago Mundi will like it. 🙂

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