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Artist Directory…

How do I manage to get myself into these situations? Not that I mind. In fact, this job has been quite cool to read what everyone does.

Today I am putting up the exhibition, but yesterday I was going through everyone’s biographies and putting together the artist directory. I purchased the display book online and I was worried about what it would be like… I shouldn’t have worried. It is brilliant!

The only problem is that it is less than half full. I’m not going to get stressed about it though. If artists don’t want to be in there then I can’t make them… Still, it would have been nice to have had a full book for the exhibition.

Never mind though… I’m in there. And the others can be popped in really easily. You just slip them into the clear sleeves.

And I’m really pleased it look so professional, considering I put it together…


The Directory is for CCC, Celf Canolbarth Cymru or Mid Wales Arts.

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