The WHO…?

The WHO…? They have arrived, now if Bitsy and the others can convince them that they come in peace… #amwriting #thegone

The Gone

We drive around the back of the building through a gate and past more armed guards. Then Judge pulls up to a plain door.

“We’re here,” he says and turns to look at us. “Has anyone been bitten?”

We all shake our heads. Well, we haven’t in a sense, not in the way they think we have. Conor looks at us, but doesn’t say anything. I give him a quick reassuring smile.

“Then let’s go,” Judge says. He gets out of the car and Max opens the door. I’m surprised it opened, somehow I expected it to be locked. The other thing I’m shocked at is their acceptance that we haven’t been bitten. We could be lying.

Instead of voicing this I get out and start toward the door. Conor still has hold of me and I can feel a slight tremor from him. He is so scared.

“Can you…

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