The next part of Chapter 5 of ‘The Gone’. Are they really safe?

The Gone

Dee leads us into the dark corridor and I can’t help but shiver at the darkness. Max moves closer and places his hand on my arm. I move out of the way. I want to like Max but he has something to do with all this and I just don’t know if I can trust him. Max takes the hint and keeps his distance.

Dee stops and turns right.

“This way.” Her voice rings out, echoing around the hospital.

I wince at the noise. I just hope that there are no more of those things. Up ahead Dee is standing next to a pair of double doors. They are locked by a broom being pushed through the handles. She removes it and then walks inside. I notice that the sign says it is the cafe.

At least there will be some food. Just the thought of food makes my stomach…

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